Republic of Tunisia

Ministry of Industry and Energy and Mines

National Company of

Cellulose and Esparto Paper

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Main Activities of the SNCPA

The collection of 40,000 tons of esparto plant (yearly average), coming from four governorates (Kasserine, Gafsa, Sidi Bouzid and Kairouan).

The production of 12.000 tons of esparto plant (yearly average), totally exported to European and Asian countries and to the USA.

The production of 6,500 tons of SODA and 5.500 tons of Chloride gas transformed to liquid Chloride and hydrochloric acid to satisfy the needs of the pulp production unit. The rest is locally commercialized.

The Production of 25,000 tons of printing and writing paper:
* White Offset (55 gr to 180 gr)
* Color Offset (55 gr to 180 gr)
* White and color folders (180 gr)
* White drawing paper (80gr 90gr and 180 gr)