Republic of Tunisia

Ministry of Industry and Energy and Mines

National Company of

Cellulose and Esparto Paper

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The SNCPA focuses more in the Printing & Writing Paper.

It produces 25,000 tons of papers per year.

A wide range of white and color papers .

A meaningful presence on the local market.

A flexibility related to the international market demands.



The SNCPA has developed a specialization in low weight paper 50-80 g/m2 while staying able to produce a wide variety to be exported to the neighboring countries due to the adaptive capacity of its machine.



For more information about SNCPA's paper characteristics please Contact us.

Paper Roll

Packing: 02 polyéthylène intern layers in addition to 03 external layers of packing Kraft paper.

Protection of the two borders of the roll using paper disks of 120 g/m2

Labelling : contains informations about : paper's categorie,width, color, weight, roll's number,diameter and manifacturing date.

Paper Format (in Ream)

Packing of each ream's 500 sheats with packing bleached kraft.

Packaging on pallet ;

Labelling reams : contains informations about : dimension,format, paper's categories, color and sheats number.


White Offset and wrapping paper
55 to 180
Offset color
55 to 180
White and color paper file
White drawing paper
80, 90 and 180