Republic of Tunisia

Ministry of Industry and Energy and Mines

National Company of

Cellulose and Esparto Paper

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Quality Management Policy and Engagement of
The General Manager


As part of its strategic, the general management has decided to implement a system of quality management inspired from “ISO 9001 version 2008” guidelines.

The project place customers, employees and shareholders at the top of our priorities; it must lead us to achieve the following objectives:

• Understanding the customer expectations and anticipate their needs.
•Full compliance with the requirements of our customers and work to increase their satisfaction.
• The improvement and efficiency of our business.
• The response to the aspirations of our staff.

To do, we focus on determining ways and means for:

• Involve all staff, man and woman, in the improvement process.
• Stimulate and encourage the initiative taking, creativity and innovation.
• Develop, implement and monitor quality objectives consistent with our policy, the requirements of our customers and regulatory requirements applicable to our products and services.

The whole implemented system is the subject of periodic review profound and comprehensive to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

The general management expects an optimum quality from each member of the company when doing its function and to work closely with the management representative to achieve our goals on which depends the future of our company.

The general management is undertakes that all the necessary resources are implemented to ensure that this quality management policy is strictly enforced.