Republic of Tunisia

Ministry of Industry and Energy and Mines

National Company of

Cellulose and Esparto Paper

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Esparto Plant

1. Specific features of the Esparto plant

Esparto's fiber is a fiber with unique characteristics. By its fine, short and quite rigid nature, esparto' fiber is one of few materials of making a high quality of fine paper. It's also provides a highly required dimensional stability to produce special papers. Due to its fine fibers and thin walls, esparto plant provides a number of fibers per gram higher than short fibers of other origins.


2. Collection of esparto plants

The esparto is a natural plant distributed over 350.000 hectares of Alfa grass in steppe regions of Tunisia serving as raw materials to manufacture esparto pulp.

3. Acquisition of esparto pulp

SNCPA purchases a yearly average harvest of 40,000 tons of esparto plant from esparto collectors (nearly 6000 families) spread over 4 Governorates (Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, Gafsa and Kairouan) via 75 purchasing centers. After that Esparto plant is dried and arranged in 200 kg bales.


4. Conditioning the esparto plant


After being dried and baling, esparto collection is sent to the factory for the production of pulp. In addition to the esparto's pullers, SNCPA employs about 1000 person to ensure all crimping and transportation activities.