Republic of Tunisia

Ministry of Industry and Energy and Mines

National Company of

Cellulose and Esparto Paper

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National Company of Cellulose and Esparto Paper (SNCPA)

A public company founded in 1980 by the union of two companies :the National Tunisian Cellulose Company (NTCC), created in 1956 in order to manufacture Cellulose from esparto plant which is a natural plant covering large areas of the governorate of Kasserine and neighboring governorates, and the Tunisian Esparto Paper Company (TEPC), created in 1968 for the manufacture of printing and writing papers.

SNCPA is considered as the most important industrial complex in the center-west of Tunisia. Its capital is about 21.1 Million Tunisian Dinars.
It currently employs 897 permanent agents and support around 6,000 families in the governorates of Kasserine, Gafsa, Sidi Bouzid and Kairouan to organize the companion of esparto plant collection.

The annual turnover of SNCPA is about 60 Million of Tunisian Dinars.